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Encounter In The Desolation Wilderness

My purpose in publishing this is for the those in the general public and those new to the BF Community to know that it is possible to shoot and wound a Bigfoot (Sasquatch).  I've come 360 in the last 45 years and I don't recommend you shoot at a member of this unique species unless you have no other choice.  Given their power and the fact they are known to travel in groups the results could be catastrophic for anyone near the shooting location.

I urge Matt Moneymaker (MM) and the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO) to restore the public link to the report and for Daryl Colyer to post his report to the North American Wood Ape Conservancy (NAWAC) Database.  After 15 years it no longer matters and the witness may no longer be alive or live at the location of the shooting.

I've been prepared for the last 16 years to officially report the matter to authorities under oath if required.  The reader should note that I'm retired from DOD and as matter of law may not perjure myself on facts I know not to be true.  To the best of my knowledge the facts presented her are true and represent the events that happened.

Report # _____  (Class A)

This summary report is recreated from memory of the original as published in the BFRO Geographical Public Database, Texas, Walker County, for about 3 days in the late spring of 2002.  I have previously confirmed the report still exists in the private database of the BFRO as of 2010.

YEAR:  2001

SEASON:  Very Late Fall

MONTH:  December

DATE:  Around Dec 10th


COUNTY:  Walker County

LOCATION DETAILS:  General area is the Trinity National Forest along an FM (Farm To Market), CR (County Road) or RR (Ruaral Road).  The exact area address was not published to protect the witness.


NEAREST ROAD:  Not published

OBSERVED:  The witness (JJ) at the time was a Walker County Deputy Sheriff who was still on probation with the Sheriff's Office.  He reported that at about 1:30 AM just a couple of weeks before Christmas he had decided to ambush some raccoons who had been raiding the outside garbage on the side of the house.  His 12 year old daughter's chore was taking out the trash and she was vey upset about the mess the animals were making.

JJ proceeded out the front door of the house and around to the side where he located the raccoons.  Using a 9mm red dot semi-automatic handgun with a 50 round magazine he proceed to shoot some of them.  He then followed them around toward the rear of the house hoping to shoot a couple more if they stopped and looked back as wildlife is prone to do.

At this point he encountered a tree stump where no stump should be. As he realized this he put the red aiming dot of the pistol on the stump and fired a single shot into it and all hell broke loose.  The stump came alive screaming while at the same time leaping an estimated 18 feet into the brush and woods and then running off down the power line right-a-way behind JJ's home.

JJ was completely startled but did manage to follow the escaping Bigfoot specimen and completely empty the magazine in the direction it ran.  The fate of the specimen is unknown.

OTHER WITNESSES:  JJ's wife and daughter were home at the time but were asleep when the encounter took place.  Their recollection of the events is unknown.

OTHER STORIES:  Following this encounter the Texas Bigfoot Conservancy (TBC) (now the (NAWAC) North American Wood Ape Conservancy conducted an extensive investigation of the area.  This was done during the time that Alton Higgins (Current NAWAC Director) was joining the group and Craig Woolheater was the Director.

TIME AND CONDITIONS:  Just a few weeks before Christmas of 2001 but after Thanksgiving.  I have used the date about December 10th.  It was a cold night around 1:30 AM with little or no moon.

ENVIRONMENT:  Off a CR, RR or FM road in the Trinity National Forest where the National Forest is interspersed with tracts of private land.  The area is eastern coniferous forest with areas of dense undergrowth.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator (Curator) Daryl Colyer:

Daryl spent about 3 weekends compiling this report and this summary is just a shadow of the details of the actual report.  This report is the best one I've ever seen done by a BFRO Curator and should be a model for reporting.  It contains detailed sketches of the area and the property involved in the shooting encounter.  At the time this happened I believe Daryl was in charge of the BFRO for the state of Texas.

About BFRO Investigator Daryl Colyer:  Daryl Colyer is a former intelligence analyst for the USAF.  He's currently the Director of Field Operations for the NAWAC and is actively involved in their current research in Southeastern OK.

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT THIS REPORT:  This report was up on the public BFRO database for about 3 days.  It was reported that the Walker County Sheriff's Office received over 300 phone calls from kooks who wanted JJ's head for shooting a Sasquatch.  The anonymity of the witness was lost and the report was immediately removed and placed in the private database.  This situation has remained the same since the late spring of 2002.

Also, it was reported that the ATF investigated this encounter and the special agent confiscated the 50 round magazine from JJ as an unlawful weapons accessory even though it may have been perfectly legal at the time.  It's interesting that the FBI, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USFS Rangers or the TXDP&W didn't investigate this encounter and wounding of an unknown primate.
The reader should note the current Sheriff of Walker County is aware of the situation.  The former sheriff and no current employees remember anything about the incident and this is normal for a cover-up.  The only proof that JJ ever existed must come from the BFRO, Daryl Colyer or the Texas LE Officer credentialing unit in Austin Texas.

However, author David Paulides has shown in his books, Missing 411 East & West that in all likelihood rogue specimens of the Bigfoot species are killing human beings in remote areas of our National Parks and Monuments.  This situation cannot be allowed to continue and must be resolved.

It's rather humorous that Actor Matt Moneymaker (Director of the Bigfoot Research Organization) and the Reality TV Show "Finding Bigfoot" , has never investigated this report for his show.  So far it's the only shooting of a Sasquatch that can be confirmed and as far as I know JJ is alive and well in Texas although he no longer works for the Walker County Sheriff's Office.

Concealing the cover-up:  I have been in extensive email contact with the current Sheriff of Walker County.  None of his long time employees recall the incident to include the former Sheriff, the personnel office for Walker County has no listing for a former deputy with the initials JJ, Records of deputies licensed in Texas are difficult to obtain and you must have a complete identity.

This incident did happen and only Matt M and the BFRO have access to it.  The only other living person with records of the report is Daryl Colyer.  The truth of this incident is out.

Larry Lesh

**In the event you've wondered why I didn't post this sooner the answer is simple.  MM was working on the show Finding Bigfoot.  Television is a funny business and I didn't wish to risk his income from the show.

To contact the BFRO send email to Contact@BFRO.net or The North American Wood Ape Conservancy NAWAC